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Wilbur and TLC K-9 founder Bill Glatzel
Wilbur and TLC K-9 founder Bill Glatzel

Miracles do happen!  Last night, TLC K-9 Academy founder and head trainer Bill Glatzel returned a dog I didn’t recognize.  First off, Wilbur is loooooonger.   Our puppy has definitely grown!  Unlike most puppies, he doesn’t get taller, he just looks more and more like a “hot dog.”  Secondly, his behavior is completely foreign to me!

The days of pulling him along the grass on the leash are now gone.  If you need a reminder, here’s a link to that awful “walk” just 5 weeks ago:

Flash forward to now, and we now have a well-behaved puppy!  Don’t ask me how this miracle happened, I have no idea, but I’m not going to complain!  Bill Glatzel- you are now my best friend!  Long gone are the days of sitting next to his food bowl trying to hand feed him and entice him to eat.  He ate all of his food this morning like a normal puppy should.  Goodbye hunger strike!

In order to keep our dog trained, Glatzel came over last night around 8PM and stayed until 10PM to train us! Clearly, we needed the training.  Wilbur now knows the commands: come, sit, stay, heel, wait, place,  off, quiet, and break (which releases him from a given command).

Here’s the only problem.  While Wilbur seemed to listen to everything that Dan and Bill said during the session, with me, it was a different story!  Shocking, I know!  My stubborn puppy doesn’t understand that my high-pitched voice means business!  While Dan and Bill worked on commands with Wilbur, the dog was perfect!  However, when I said, “Wilbur come,” the dog stared at me from his little blue cot he was sitting on as if he were saying, “Get real lady!”

In order to keep our dog trained, Glatzel came over last night around 8PM and stayed until 10PM to train us! Clearly, we needed the training.  Wilbur now knows the commands: come, sit, stay, heel, wait, place,  off, quiet, and break (which releases him from a given command).

Here’s the only problem.  While Wilbur seemed to listen to everything that Dan and Bill said during the session, with me, it was a different story!  Shocking, I know!  My stubborn puppy doesn’t understand that my high-pitched voice means business!  While Dan and Bill worked on commands with Wilbur, the dog was perfect!  However, when I said, “Wilbur come,” the dog stared at me from his little blue cot he was sitting on as if he were saying, “Get real lady!”

With a little intervention from Bill, I learned that Wilbur will eventually obey my voice.  He just has to get used to my high-pitch.  After about 20 minutes, he started to listen to me.  I know eventually he will get the hang of it, but the dog and I still have some kinks to work out.  Also, Bill is coming over one more time before we leave Arizona, so Wilbur and I can have another lesson together.

With Dan finishing up his rehab, the dog and I are going to be spending a lot of alone time together.  But first, before this new journey begins, I had to take Wilbur into PetSmart this morning for an intense bath, teeth brushing, nail filing, ear cleaning and shedding treatment.

No matter how trained he is though, somethings will never change!  Our little Basset Hound still has that houndy odor, sheds like a husky in Vegas, and has farts that clear the room!  Yes, he is smelly, but he is TRAINED! Woohoo!



Greg and Jody Fossen

CASE STUDY By Bill Glatzel


Their First Trainer was "The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan. He flew out to help them here in Scottsdale Arizona. Their dogs were even on Cesar's show on The National Geographic Channel. Cesar had some limited success for that day, but their dog's behavior was by no means fixed, OR THEY WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO CALL TLC K9 ACADEMY. Any success Cesar had apparently was not enough or it didn't last, and they still needed a lot of help with severe anxiety and severe aggression to fully rehab their dogs so they could live with them and keep them. As Dog Behaviorists, TLC K9 Academy Behaviorist, Bill Glatzel, showed them where Cesar Millan went wrong, and how the techniques that Cesar Millan employed actually made some of their problems worse! I suppose they thought they had the best trainer with THE "DOG WHISPERER" Cesar, but we can all get star struck, especially when we see ourselves and our dogs on National TV. When you have a difficult and complex behavior problem with your dog it is important that you make sure you get help from a real behaviorist a professional clinician. TV dog trainers are more for entertainment than anything, and most non behaviorist dog trainers will make the dog's problems worse (Bill Glatzel, TLC K9 Academy)


"Bill Glatzel and TLC K9 Academy are the best dog trainers we have found in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Bill has personally helped us with our dogs as we had a tough case. Our dogs are doing great and we would never go to anyone else to train our dogs. The people, service and knowledge of training dogs is the best we have seen by far! I would recommend them to all my friends and family!"

Thank you!
Greg and Jody Fossen
Scottsdale, Arizona Dog Training Graduates


My dog is a Yorkshire Terrier, better known as "The Terrorist". My dog stole shoes and anything else she could get her mouth on. She toilet papered my house, begged for food and "terrorized" the other dog in the house that is almost 4 times her weight. In only 4 days since our first and only lesson so far, Zoey has stopped stealing, begging and terrorizing. I can't believe all this is happening with little effort on my part, only about 1/2 hour a day, and in such a short time. You would almost think my dog had been hypnotized. TLC K9 uses a method which causes no pain to my 11 month old puppy and no pain to me as her trainer. I am so appreciative of how well everything is working out. Thanks!

Linda Pinkham & "Zoey" -
Phoenix Dog Training Students at TLC K9 Academy 602-989-1618


"BB" The Fearful & Aggressive Cattle Dog

We have an Australian Cattle Dog-mix, from the pound. When we got her she was extremely timid but very aggressive, when fearful. Her previous owner had obviously abused her, given that she cowered and left the room when either of us picked up a newspaper, and she didn't even know what a ball or toy was. She didn't respond to any command. She was out of control, but still a great dog. She really needed help; so did we so we could bring the "best" of her.

My wife contacted Bill (Glatzel, TLC K9 Academy). Bill arrived to discuss the training process and cost. Bill took our dog out to the street to see how she responded to our handling and evaluate her behavior. He asked that I walk her on-leash, then he asked that I do a few other things with her...sit, down, and so on. He then asked to see how he could do with her and took her for a walk.

Her RESPONSE WAS IMMEDIATE! I was amazed. (I still am...!!!)

If you are considering retaining a dog trainer, I believe you could do no better than TLC K9 Academy. I strongly (No. STRONGLY!) Recommend their services. They really are "Gurus"!!!


P.S. If you have any questions, please call me at 480.215.5425


Phoenix Dog Training


From Barry: Our Golden Retriever "Lee" was a very active dog that did a lot of jumping on people and on furniture. It was hard too have people over because he would jump on them. Lee would also do a lot of digging and nipping which was a big problem. On walks he would pull and get ahead and not stay close. Since the training lee is a completely different dog. He no longer jumps on people digs or nips. He is a real pleasure to have as a pet now. We do off leash walking he stays in the sit or down position until called to come. Bill Glatzel, and TLC K9 Academy is an excellent trainer and we would highly recommend your services to anyone. You get the highest grade possible. Thank you very much!

From Penny: "I was a skeptic! Our last Golden Retriever had been to a Boot Camp, Private Training and Group Classes. The training took us a very long time and we spent a lot more money and a lot more time training with another training method. We NEVER got the results like the TLC K9 Gentle Touch Training System. This training is FAST, and it cost us a lot less money. I am very happy and you can use us as a reference anytime. This training only took a few hours and we got great results immediately. The other training we did took years, and we never got any real results even after spending much more time training and spending a lot more money

Barry & Penny Steigelman and their Golden Retriever, "Lee" Anthem Arizona Dog Training Students

623-551-9260 (feel free to call for reference)


I was at my wits end trying to train my Pit Bull, when it came down to everyday living our life was a wreck. He barked at anyone passing by on walks, he never sat when told; he showed signs of aggression and did not want to listen. After many months of research we found a professional and hired TLC K9 Academy. The trainer was great, and "Titen" reacted well to the trainer and training right away. Now our Pit Bull is awesome! He is very different. He behaves, listens, and acts like a wonderful dog. I would recommend this company to anyone with a need for a great dog trainer!

Christie Clemens and "Titen"


Bonnie and Missy

This was my first experience with using a professional trainer for my dog "Missy." When they first came out the consultation was very informative. I got to see a trained dog work, and was immediately sold. There was no pressure. They were very professional.

At our first lesson, the Trainer had "Missy" responding to commands within 5 minutes. It was amazing. Thank you!

Bonnie D. and "Missy" Scottsdale, AZ.


John Holmberg and Friends

John Holmberg and Brady Bogen from The KUPD morning show, with their best friends: Katie, Sheila, Lexy, Chili and P.D. (short for Patricia Diane).

How's it hangin? It's John Holmberg from 98KUPD's Morning Sickness

Regular listeners of the Morning Sickness know I'm a bit of a weirdo when it comes to furry four legged creatures, I'm crazy about em, TLC K9 is the best dog training place ever. They have made my dogs perfect! Thanks U guys rule.

John Daniel Holmberg
'Holmberg's Morning Sickness'
98KUPD - Arizona's Real Rock
The Big Red Radio

John Holmberg



I was referred to TLC K9 by my sister-in-law and have been so pleased with my dog's progress and overall experience. He is happy, healthy, and more calm overall. He is very responsive to commands and the time they have taken to train me has been invaluable. I look forward to taking him home and practicing all that we have learned. I know we will be able to have many more adventures together. We can go anywhere now! Thank you all for your invaluable support.

Laurie Dickey and "Bailey"



Dear TLC:
Since my dog 'Chase' started the program he has shown vast improvement in obedience and tolerance. Previously he was a very stubborn animal that only partly obeyed commands and he was very aggressive with people and other animals in regards to food and toys. At the 2nd visit I was truly amazed at the difference in 'Chase' and how we were able to take him off the leash in a park and not have him run off and do his own thing. Because of his apprehension and aggression, the TLC K9 Behaviorist suggested we also try a low dose of Prozac, and he responded very well to it. It definitely lowered his apprehension and he has not bitten anyone or engaged in aggressive behavior as he did before. I highly recommend TLC K9 Academy. The trainers care, they are honest and they really want to help your dog be part of the family.

Tammy C. & 'Chase' - El Mirage AZ



"We are more than pleased with the training results for our dog 'Scout.' She has had fun during the training and is incredibly obedient for a six month old Lab puppy. I would quickly recommend TLC K9 Academy to anyone looking for a quick and effective training school."

Don & Toni L. Pictured with "Scout" - Paradise Valley AZ.


We rescued a Great Dane who was severely abused. It took several months before he would even be in the same room with us. Finally he adjusted somewhat, but in no way could we put a collar or leash on him so I could take him back to his new home in Idaho. Out of total frustration I called TLC K9 ACADEMY. They said they could train ANY dog. Upon our meeting, they suggested we needed to meet with their behaviorist and that medication might be helpful along with the training. The medication they recommended did wonders!! When we began the training, the trainer and behaviorist at TLC K9 had my dog walking with a leash and even off leash within a ½ hour. Seeing the HUGE progress he made that day made us all so overjoyed. We are excited to get him back to Idaho to begin his new life which would have never happened without TLC K9 ACADEMY - Thank You!!

Cathy Cutler and "Winston"



Before we hired TLC K9 ACADEMY, we thought our only option was to “put down” our dog because of his severe aggression towards people and other dogs. We could not even walk Kaiser, our German Shepard, or have him around any people or dogs. He would lunge, go after and attack. Now after training with TLC K9 ACADEMY, Kaiser can be around people and dogs with no more aggression. Dogs and even kids can sit and lay next to Kaiser now after the training. Kaiser even listens and is very obedient under very heavy distractions. We thought our only option was to put our dog down. Now after training with TLC K9 ACADEMY we know we can keep and love our dog Kaiser.

Melissa B. Mesa AZ.


We located TLC K9 through internet searching. We reviewed their materials online and had a trainer come to our home and review their training methodology as well as our goals for our two Schnauzer puppies (Brutis & Olive.) We were a little concerned if the investment would be worth the results but decided to put the pups through Boot Camp while we took a vacation. We needed a lot of help with barking, controlling them on walks, begging for food and general training. We missed them dearly the whole time they were in Boot Camp, but what we got back were "GREAT DOGS and GREAT RESULTS." Our expectations were totally exceeded.

Ron and Melanie Merlino


Believing that a well-trained dog is a safe and happy dog (with happy owners), we can enthusiastically endorse TLCK9's methods, attention to detail, and results.

Having trained both Show Quarter Horses and Field Trial GSP hunting dogs for a number of years we thought we could handle any "doggie shenanigans" that our companions threw at us. But, when we obtained our 3rd Bouvier des Flandres (a 105 lb., 1-1/2 year old male), we found the time constraints of our schedules wouldn't allow us to deal with this dog the way he needed. After interviewing a number of local trainers (with various methods), we decided to turn the task of training this unruly young Bouv over to TLCK9. It was a very wise decision.

Today, the dog's manners are impeccable, he knows his boundaries, yet he is still fun to rough-house with. We were so pleased with TLCK9, that when we got our most recent Bouv (a 35 lb., 4-month old female ball of fury), we immediately turned her initial training over to TLCK9. She attended a Boot Camp with and a few weeks later when we got her back, TLC K9 had worked his magic again.

The puppy is mannerly, knows what she is supposed to do, and although still a pup (and capable of driving you crazy at a moment's notice), we just love the result.

TLC K9's program of follow-up training (more to help train the owner, if truth be told) is wonderful and an invaluable step in learning to communicate with the dog and get both of us on the same page. As we said, I've done a lot of training in the past, but I can safely say, TLC K9's methods have taught me a few things.

All in all, for our money (and happiness and sense of well-being) any dog, any time, TLCK9 is our only choice.

Charlie & Ardith S. Surprise, AZ (pictured with Mia and Keeper)

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