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"We can train ANY dog!"

  • Do you Feel Trapped?
  • Do you feel like a Prisoner in your own Home?
  • Are you afraid to leave your puppy or dog alone and come back to a destroyed house or yard?
  • Most ALL dog behavior problems can be corrected in just 1 to 2 lessons.

We promise to give you back control of your puppy or dog, your house, yard, and control back of your SANITY!

Why Group Classes Don't Work For Dog Behavior Problems

Group Training Classes are NOT EFFECTIVE when you have BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS with your puppy or dog.

MOST ALL animal Behavior Problems HAPPEN and EXIST AT HOME! Your dog or puppy will learn where they are trained.

Why Waste your money on ineffective group classes filled with untrained, wild, behavior ridden puppies and dogs, with uneducated, inexperienced owners trying to control large crazy aggressive dogs.

We come to you! In the Privacy, comfort and convenience, of your own home. We work with you right where the source of the problem is. Group classes CAN'T HELP with Behavior Problems. Getting advice from a group class on a behavior problem that occurs in another environment, is no more effective than reading a book on puppy or dog behavior problems. Save your money, and don't waste it on ineffective group classes that can't help your AT HOME BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS!

Extreme Group Training gives you the owner, and your dog a superior advantage by providing you with (2) FREE Private Lessons in your HOME. Here we can address specific behavior problems, and also get you and your dog a great foundation of obedience and control; at this point you are ready for our group training and are ready to handle distractions of any kind. We also have the right number of experienced trainers to make sure you get the time and attention needed for success.

We END most behavior problems in usually 1 to 2 lessons! It can take months or years to resolve difficult behavior problems with clicker training or only total positive reinforcement type methods. We can accomplish a solution to your puppy or dog's behavior problems fast, with amazing rapid results!

If your puppy or dog has any of these behavior problems or any other issues call NOW. We Promise to give you back control and joy over your home and your pet!

  • biting
  • growling
  • snapping
  • snarling
  • mouthing
  • dominance
  • over protectiveness
  • begging
  • keeping off furniture
  • digging
  • climbing/jumping
  • chasing vehicles
  • pestering problems
  • aggression towards outsiders
  • killing other animals
  • hyperactivity
  • eating own fecal matter
  • introducing new pets
  • depression
  • sympathy lameness
  • aggression
  • jumping
  • barking
  • stealing food
  • accidents in the house
  • marking/dominance
  • finicky eating
  • sexual mounting
  • stealing your personal items
  • climbing walls/fences
  • destroying your yard
  • excessive licking
  • aggression towards owner(s)
  • aggression towards other dogs
  • scratching
  • psychotic/neurotic dog
  • destroying your property
  • introducing new babies
  • blindness
  • stealing articles of others
  • destroying furniture
  • chewing
  • fearful behavior
  • phobias
  • separation anxiety
  • pulling/straining on the leash
  • running away
  • submissive urination
  • whining
  • bolting out doors/car doors
  • jumping out windows
  • jumping walls/fences
  • excessive sniffing
  • aggression towards other animals
  • self-mutilation
  • pica
  • territorial issues
  • deafness
  • anxiety/nervousness
  • behavior problems after a house move

Save your time,... save your money..., SAVE YOUR SANITY!
We Give you a Written Guarantee for the life of your dog!
Hire a Real Professional Now!

Call us now and Start to Enjoy your puppy or dog again!


I was referred to TLC K9 by my sister-in-law and have been so pleased with my dog's progress and overall experience. He is happy, healthy, and more calm overall. He is very responsive to commands and the time they have taken to train me has been invaluable. I look forward to taking him home and practicing all that we have learned. I know we will be able to have many more adventures together. We can go anywhere now! Thank you all for your invaluable support.

Laurie Dickey and "Bailey"

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