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President, Founder & CEO of TLC K9 ACADEMY and creator of the "TLC Gentle Touch™" Method of Dog Training, Executive Director & Head of Research for (ACCBS) Arizona Center for Canine Behavioral Studies.

Bill was born and raised with wolves, or so we think, either that or he must have canine DNA in his blood! He has a passion for animals and dog behavior. "Amazing," a "Magician," the "Real" Dog Whisperer, these are just some of the words dog owners have used to describe the magic, ease, and rapport, when seeing Bill connect with animals. One person accused Bill of using some form of "Hypnosis," to put a dog into a trance. The amazing connection Bill has with animals can look magical, and his ability to tap into the minds and behavior of dogs and puppies seems at times to be hypnotic. Whatever the magic, Bill has been "Dancing with Dogs," since 1976, for over 35 years. He has frequently been called in as a consultant when other notable trainers like Ceaser Millan, the dog whisperer have not had success. "We get a couple of Ceaser's clients each year. We provide the best most comprehensive dog training and puppy training anywhere. We take dog training to a whole new level!" There is a science and an art to training a dog, or training puppies

At the young age of 10, Bill was competing, showing and titling dogs in AKC Dog Obedience Matches. Bill's Formal education rests in both Undergraduate and Graduate Work in Psychology and other Behavior Science Disciplines. He recently completed postgraduate study and coursework at Harvard University in Canine Cognition. Bill is currently the Executive Director & Head of Research for (ACCBS) Arizona Center for Canine Behavioral Studies. He has also worked as a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, counseling Children, Families and Adults. Bill is 1 of Only 2 Applied Animal Behaviorists in the entire State of Arizona. In order to be an Applied Animal Behaviorist one has had to do graduate Level (Masters) or (Doctorate) Clinical/Applied Research and Field Training. Not just a Master Dog Trainer, but also a Behavioral Scientist specializing in Behavioral Medicine in Small Animals, where he has over 300 hours of education and training in Neurochemistry related behavior disorders, and Pharmacology.

Bill Glazel Age 10Glatzel makes no bones about it, "Most Severe Behavioral Problems in Dogs are not just training issues; they are a combination of environmental, behavioral, genetic, and biological medical considerations. Most dog trainers have no formal education and training in these areas, and are not qualified to be working with severely aggressive and or severely fearful dogs. Most of what I see out there by other trainers is making the problems worse. They may be well intentioned, but lack the many years of education and study required to really be an expert. Those trainers in my opinion do not respect their lack of expertise, and lack of scientific training and study, and are dangerous to the general dog and dog owning public. About 1% to 3% of dogs fall into this category. It is sad because I have reached out to local competitors and they don't want to know, don't want to hear what I have to teach. It is unfortunate that they seem to be threatened by their competition. There are plenty of dogs and dog owners who need help and no trainers should be hurting for business. We can all learn from each other. We almost always have about a month waiting list at TLC K9 Academy to be seen."

Bill Glatzel and the TLC K9 Method of Dog training has turned the dog training profession upside-down. "Traditional leash and collar training uses correction and punishment to force a dog into compliance, says Glatzel; this is unfortunate because dogs love to please their human partners when the relationship is right. The TLC K9 Method of Dog Training uses the principles of Operant and Classical Conditioning and the latest advances in canine learning theory and advances in the science of canine cognition to combine both the Science and Art of teaching dogs and the human partners. "Treat training has one very big limitation; dogs won't perform when the distraction is more interesting than the treat. In our training program we don't use treats; we don't use force, correction or punishment. All TLC K9 Academy dogs learn to be extremely reliable and listen off-leash under the heaviest of distractions. No dog is properly trained until it can behave off-leash with intense distractions. That is what you get with TLC K9 dog training and puppy training." "If you need a leash to control your dog, your dog is not trained. You, the other animal holding the leash are trained to RESTRAIN your dog …NOT THE DOG!

Hershey"Our dog training and puppy training methods are Force-Free, Gentle, Fun, and Guaranteed for the Life of your Dog!" We employ positive reinforcement dog training, clicker training at times, and other dog training equipment may be used. A World Renowned Dog Trainer and Professional Animal and Dog Behaviorist, Researcher, Lecturer, Author, Celebrity Dog Trainer, and media/legal consultant, Bill enjoys dealing with dogs deemed "untrainable." "One thing Bill Glatzel is most proud of is how many dogs we have saved at TLC K9 Academy from Euthanasia. When other dog trainers tell owners to "put down" their dog or a Veterinarian says there is no hope, We Offer a Solution…We offer Hope. Bill Glatzel Specializes in the most difficult of Dog Behavior Problems, Extreme Dog Aggression and Severe Anxiety Disorders in dogs, Ritualistic and Obsessive-Compulsive dog behavior. He is an Expert in Canine Behavioral Medicine and Neurochemistry related disorders in animals, along with genetic, biological, and medical factors affecting behavior in animals - a passion of his since his son was mauled by a neighbor's Pit Bull. "We offered free dog training help to our Neighbor…they never took us up on it. My son's attack and dog bites could have been prevented…that Pit Bull did not have to be euthanized by its owner. It is this attitude, that all dogs deserve dog training and his unmatched success with truly the most difficult of dog problems that gave TLC K9 Academy their Phoenix Dog Training catch phrase: "We can train ANY dog!" - Even yours!

Bill enjoys the company and working with his many animals, his pack of 6 dogs, "Chip", a male Chocolate Labrador Retriever, "Hershey", a female Chocolate Labrador Retriever, "Nera", a female Belgian Malinois, "Lil'Dude," a male Jack Russell Terrier, and his two rescue dogs, "Paris" a female yellow lab who had people/child aggression issues, "Rocky", a male Rottweiler who was severely abused and became severely aggressive to people. Bill also enjoys the company of his two chickens, "The Colonel" and "Elvis," and his latest pet "Pimp Daddy," a Rhino Iguana. Bill currently is the Director of Phoenix Dog Training and lead Animal Behaviorist in Phoenix, Arizona for TLC K9 Academy. TLC K9 does in home dog training, dog training classes, dog behavior modification, puppy training, dog obedience, dog aggression, puppy potty training, therapy dog training, service dog training, and works with dog behavior problems that have a root in medical / dog health problems. If you are looking for professional dog training, or training a dog, or to obtain a career in dog training, TLC K9 ACADEMY is the premier choice for dog training and the TLC K9 Academy School for Professional Dog Trainers is the number one choice for an education and career in dog training.

If you have a severe dog behavior problem, there is no one more qualified and more experience and better educated than having your own Harvard Educated Animal Behaviorist working for you and your beloved pet. Call now to talk to about how we can help. If local call (480) 502-3647 or
for out of state or out of country Video / Phone Behavior Consultations contact toll free 1-888-502-3647.

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